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Formed in 1999, Fiftywatthead are definitely not overnight sensations. The Windsor, Ontario quartet had previously released two monstrous albums: “Volume One” and “Rock n Roll Killer” before finally unleashing their latest installment on Signed By Force…..“Fogcutter”.

Listening to the beat down on the title track “Fogcutter” or the seething vitriol contained on “Capsized” it’s no wonder these molten metal miscreants would come from a town right across the river from Detroit, Michigan. Fiftywatthead manage to drown out everything in the known universe with a racket of detuned guitars, pounding and plodding drums and vintage amps turned up to eleven that will make most so called “metal” bands seem laughable and puny by comparison. With Metal now moving in too many directions to even keep up with, Fiftywatthead are hands down the most lethal and crushing band to come out of the Great White North, let alone Windsor. Utilizing the noise of mid nineties Amphetamine Reptile bands while mixing in a Neurosis sense of panorama and the technical elbow grease of Mastodon, they’ve managed to cook up their own signature sound that has given them the reputation of being Canada’s heaviest band. This is pure brutality that could give a fuck about being your facebook friend… nope; they just want to crush your cranium in.

“Fogcutter” contains all of the ballast of a sock full of nickels with psychedelic flourishes hiding behind every dark corner while letting every wallop ooze, drawing blood while traveling the most unlikely roads.

This is brutal, pounding, devastating, hateful, seething, agonizing and heavy as fuck! Clamp on a pair of headphones and let Fiftywatthead completely shell you out and leave you completely empty. You puny humans deserve nothing less!

Ben Guthrie: Guitars
Kevin Patrick: Drums
Bill Butt: Bass
J Drummond: Vocals, Guitars



Fiftywatthead are back with their third and most accomplished album to date "Fogcutter". Known a...

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