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Photo: Isa Tousignant

Nutsak is indeed a mixed bag of nuts: a francophone, an anglophone, an arab and a jew coming together to make music like a microcosm of a utopian society. Founding members Sam Shalabi (The Shalabi Effect, Detention, David Kristian/Shalabi/St. Onge) and Chris Burns (Crackpot, GlassBurns, Terminal Sunglasses, Ratchet Orchestra) played their first Nutsak show in 1996 yet have never recorded an album under this name until now. Their recording debut comes in the shape of a two-song 7" single and is also available on all your favorite download sites.

The band's wide variety of original songs dip into the realms of be-bop, klezmer, punk, jazz, balladry, metal, country, blues, Motown, classic rock, improv, surf, and noise but always come out in the distinctive Nutsak style. The full length album "Failed Musician" was released in July 2009 and was recorded by Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes with the artwork designed by drummer / cartoonist Howard Chackowicz. The album will be available on CD and download formats.

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André Asselin: bass
Chris Burns: guitar and vocals
Howard Chackowicz: drums and vocals
Sam Shalabi: guitar

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

Nutsak plays with Kid Congo Powers @ Pop Montreal!


Nutsak is slated to open up for Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds at this year's Pop Montreal. Don't miss it!Wednesday September 17th 2014 Divan Orange :: Salle CISM – Montreal $10...

APRIL 21, 2011

Nutsak Opens for Godspeed!


It's two for the price of one on Monday, May 2nd at Olympia because you'll get the chance to see both godspeed you! black emperor live in Montreal with our very own Nutsak opening up.  Hope yo...

NOVEMBER 24, 2010

Nutsak in Montreal!


Nutsak returns for a night a night of mayhem, Friday November 26th @ L'Esco w/ Desert Owls & Tiny Empire.Facebook Event

JUNE 10, 2009

Nutsak Album Launch!!!


It's here... Nutsak's full-length album "Failed Musician" is now available! Check out more photos from the album launch by Sandra Lynn Bélanger (Divan Orange, July 2nd).

Signed By Force Gets Sakked.


Montreal’s very own Nutsak join the Signed By Force roster with their debut 7” single “Last Train To Nutsak, NJ” and the instrumental B-side “You Are Going To Prison&r...



The debut self-titled single from Nutsak contains two original compositions that illustrate the b...

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Failed Musician

"Failed Musician" is the exciting, electric and eclectic debut album by four extremely talented, ...

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Last Train to Nutsak, New Jersey
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