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Starvin Hungry was originally formed in 1996 by John Milchem and his twin brother Glen (drummer for Blue Rodeo) as a two piece band. With the departure of brother Glen, Starvin Hungry eventually morphed into a four piece band that toured extensively across Canada and played alongside acts like The Sadies, Deadly Snakes, The Black Keys, Andre Williams and Bob Mould just to name a few. After numerous line up changes that featured members of D.O.A., SNFU, Tricky Woo and Soft Canyon they finally released their debut album "Damnesty" produced by Bionic's frontman Jonathan Cummins and engineered by the Besnard Lakes' Jace Lasek in 2003. After four years of constant touring and packing their live shows with sweaty girls dancing their asses off, John finally got around to finishing their second album "Cold Burns" in early 2007.

JULY 23, 2012

Starvin Hungry... Original Line-up in Montreal!


Starvin Hungry  returns in their original 90's-Toronto incarnation with John Milchem on guitar & vocals, and twin-brother Glenn Milchem (of Blue Rodeo, Holy Fuck and more) on drums.Sa...


Starvin Hungry
Cold Burns

Punk Rock is too small a phrase to contain Starvin Hungry's second album. The band have consumed ...

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Starvin Hungry
Some Kind Solution
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