"Black Blood"


“Black Blood” marks the third instalment in the Bionic discography and is by far their best and most aggressive moment yet. Their new album sees them breaking new ground with their own hard brutalizing mix of punk meets 70's rock with stabs of Devo and psychedelia, while still keeping the explosive, juggernaut intensity that their live shows are renowned for. They've enlisted the musical help of friends in the burgeoning Montreal musical community like Tricky Woo, The Besnard Lakes, Silver Mt. Zion, Land Of Talk, Xavier Caffeine and even a marching band complete with cheerleaders. Make no bones about it, "Black Blood" is as rocking as it gets but still manages to push the envelope and prove that loud rock music can still evolve out of the mire.

Available as Digipak CD and 180 gram vinyl LP.

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track listing
  1. I Got Skin
  2. Learn To Love The Government
  3. Black Blood
  4. Is There A TV In Heaven?
  5. Sister Dynamite
  6. Silver Jet Plane
  7. Soft As Margarine
  8. Econo Tusk
  9. Freedon Now, Baby!
  10. Temple Of Love
  11. Theme For A Young Lion
Jonathan Cummins
vocals, left guitar
Jean Belanger
right guitar, backing vocals
Paul Julius
bass, backing vocals
Timothy Patrick Dwyer
drums, percussion, backing vocals
Additional musicians:
Ryan Battistuzzi
trombone (track 8), trumpet (tracks 8 & 11)
Ramachandra Borcar
the chord (track 6)
Xavier Cafeine
backing vocals (tracks 9 & 11)
The Cheerleaders
Olga Goreas, Kelly Patterson, Elisabeth Powell (tracks 8 & 9)
Jonathan Cummins
piano (tracks 2 & 3), percussion (tracks 8 & 11)
Olga Goreas
backing vocals (track 11)
Paul Julius
bowed bass (tracks 3, 4 & 11), cello (track 11)
Jace Lasek
piano (track 3), electric piano (track 5), synthesizer (track 7), saxophone (tracks 7 & 11)
Peter Mika
piano (track 6), B3 (track 11)
Sophie Trudeau
violin (track 11)
  • Produced by Jonathan Trimble Cummins
  • Engineered by Jace Lasek, Ryan Battatuzzi and Don Murnaghan
  • Recorded at Breakglass, Le Beat Box and Moron Heights
  • Mixed at Studio Piccolo by Rod Shearer
  • Mastered by Peter J. Moore at The E Room, Toronto
  • Art direction and design by Pat Hamou with assistance from Richard Switzer
  • Published by Degrassi Knoll and Semprini Music
  • Timothy Patrick Dwyer uses Sabian Cymbals

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